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AES is a company with more than 80 years of combined experience in Electrical Maintenance, Engineering and Contracting in the Marine Industry, Project Management, Automations, Electronic Engineering & Process Control / Optimization.

Over the past twenty-five years, the AES team of engineers have developed innovative processes , sharing experiences and knowledge in order to build competitive advantages for thousands of customers around Australia.

Promoting and leading multicultural teams with a wide range of skill while facing amazing challenges. AES has mentored and lead successful projects creating energy-efficient programs, reducing production costs, and improving safety and environmental performance for their clients.

Finally, AES’s strong passion for researching the most innovative ideas and leading teams in Australia  has brought unique results to major EPCMs around the globe.

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Every day around the country, millions and billions of watts of electricity course their way through the millions of kilometres of cable that comprise the Australian electrical grid. Though we so often take this for granted, the occasional power outage provides a timely reminder of the important ro
When households or companies need electrical work done, the first company they call is often Auriemma Electrical Services (AES). However, a phone call is not the only way you can connect with our company. If you want more information about our services or updates about our latest promotions, be sur
As a company that works in the energy sector, we Auriemma Electrical Services are aware of our social responsibilities and how our work can have a huge impact on the local communities and the environment in which we operate. That’s why we ensure that everything we do is based on a foundation
The biggest industries rake in billions of dollars and form the foundation of the global economy, all thanks to the power of electricity and automation. As such, you can’t expect your business to succeed at the world stage without the help of experts like Auriemma Electrical Services. When it
When it comes to various operations in the marine, industrial, automation, offshore oil, gas and mining industries, an efficient electrical system is of utmost importance. Without it, workers can’t complete their tasks, thereby resulting in project delays. These industries need quality electr
JAMIE KERR 2ND YEAR FINALIST Congratulations to Jamie who was a finalist in this years 2014 NECA Excellence Awards. He was top three for the State of Western Australia, even though he didn't claim first prize he is a winner within AES. We are proud of his achievement and how he has exc
PILBARA ABORIGINAL CHURCH For the sixth consecutive year Melville City Church was privileged to send a team to bless the Pilbara Aboriginal Church in Roebourne. 2013 was the biggest infrastructure job yet and as they went later than normal (August/September) it was getting very hot! With som
AURIEMMA ELECTRICAL SERVICES ORGANISATIONAL PROFILE WHO ARE WE… Auriemma Electrical Services has been servicing the People, Industries and Government Sectors of Western Australia since it was established in 1991. The AES team consists of a highly qualified group of Electricians, Engineers

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