Our church needed something that was simple, easy to maintain, really innovative and made us look professional. We needed something that take a lot of work and "know-how", just some good Electrical design with AutoCAD. We've been really impressed with what AES has designed for our MCC Church. They've created something that any church can use."

“Our experience with AES has just been phenomenal. They're not only good people, but they are also very professional. You can tell that they care about you from start to end. It's been the perfect fit for our congregation and our growing needs as a church."

Pastor Robin

Melville City Church



AES Marine Services has recently signed a contract with TMT to install a Remote Control Console for an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) for the Chinese Market.

AES’s team of Qualified Electricians and Control System Engineers in Marine Technology have been very attractive to TTM, as they provide local expertise with immediate intervention on our specific needs.

AES also conducts regular maintenance and switchboard provision to Company as OMSA and PB towage, so for our team at TMT was important to have a professional team of experienced people ready to be deployed. Michael is always willing to offer professional advice on new proposed installations.

Monty Davis 

Production Manager 

TMT Total Marine Technology


AES has professionally deployed Control System Engineers with the idea of minimizing cabling time and risk of breakdowns. This concept is very important for the Rio Tinto Asset Management team as we want Control System that is reliable with low maintenance cost.

This innovative technology is relatively new in the Marine market and let me tell you, after 3 Marine Vessels:

  1. 2 x 35 meter Catamarans to Chevron and
  2. 1 x 16 meter Catamaran to Rio Tinto     

It has simplified the design and has reduced maintenance costs dramatically. The introduction of Simatic Programmable Logic Controller and Fully operated Touch Screen has radically simplified the marine building industry.

Joe Cordina

Production Manager 

Elite Marine

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