AES is a company with more than 80 years of combined experience in Project Management, Automation, Electrical/Electronic Engineering & Process Control /Optimization.  We offer a top qualified team of Engineers, Electricians and Managers.


  • Financial Member of the National Electrical Communication Association
  • Platinum Sponsor of the Fremantle Junior Docker Football Club
  • Local Community Volunteer

AES Industry Achievements Training

  • Industrial Sector  under 10 employees Western Australian
  • 2009 Third place Apprentice of the year 1st year category
  • 2010 First place Apprentice of the year 2nd year category
  • 2010 First place Apprentice of the year 3rd year category
  • 2011 Third place Apprentice of the year 3rd year category
  • 2011 First place Apprentice of the year 4th year category
  • 2011 Energy Safety award for Excellence
  • 2012 First Place Apprentice of the year 4th year category

Mentoring young and mature apprentices is the vitality of AES. By keeping our industry alive, giving local content a go investing in people has been a passion of the Managing Director for over 20 years.

Auriemma Electrical Services works together with several high schools in a program called INSTEP.  We support Christian Brothers College, Seaton Catholic College, Aquinas College and Hamilton Senior High School.  The programme sends students to work one day per week over one semester.  AES gives year 12 students an opportunity to experience work life, be mentored and encouraged. Employment options are always open if the student is suited to the vocation.

Our Company has been involved with INSTEP for 15 years.

Indigenous Training 

  • Auriemma Electrical Services has been involved with Generation One.  We an active and proud supporter of Indigenous Training and Support.  We continually seeking to recruit and train.
  • In 2007 AES became involved with a program to rebuild and encourage indigenous peoples in the Pilbara Area.  Each year Michael takes time out of his busy schedule to  leads  a team of 10 trades people to Roebourne in the month of August.  The time is spent rebuilding buildings, encouraging, & listening to the local people. 

AES Mission Statement

No job is too small. AES provides state of the art, prompt and efficient service with the job done right the first time.



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Congratulations to Jamie who was a



Auriemma Electrical Services has been servicing the People, Industries and Government Sectors of Western Australia since it was established in 1991.<


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