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AES, with its experienced Senior Managers, Senior Engineers and qualified Electricians, offers turn-key Systems, including but not limited to: 

  1. Vessel Electrical wiring – Compliance Vessel Electrical wiring for Australian Standards AS/NZ 3000-2007;
  2. Maintenance of Electric Motors, pumps, winches, Air-conditioning Systems;
  3. Maintenance of commercial equipment such as lighting, switchboards/RCDs/earthing, Generators switchboard services;
  4. Electronic Control System (Siemens Management Control of machinery according to AS/NZ safety regulations);
  5. Fire and alarm system; 
  6. Labour hires, electricians, instrumentations, engineers and AutoCAD draftsmen.
  7. Our modular Remote I/O systems reduce up to 42% of cables;
  8. Optimize and reduce the Electrical Labour involved in lay/terminate new vessels (Standalone switchboards are connected each other with an Ethernet cable only);
  9. Significant competitive advantage in reducing cause / time / risk of breakdowns;
  10. Offer a cost-effective solutions for your vessel control / electrical system
  11. Offer cost-saving installations with Profinet Communication Nets that are characterized by high functionality and simple handling;
  12. Modern 15” Compact Siemens Touch Screen design for the Marine Industry with full redundancy functionality; and
  13. Siemens Programmable Logic Controller for a complete control of your vessel at your fingertip.

AES has a professional team of electricians with skills that cover the diverseness of the modern industry such as:

  • Specialised Engineering for Marine; 
  • Industrial and Automation for Manufacturing industry;
  • Solution to Mining production needs; 
  • Innovative solutions for Offshore Oil and Gas;
  • EPCM Projects Management;
  • Building Controls BMS;
  • Communication, Fibre Optic, Data, CCTV;
  • Heavy cable Haul Specialist;
  • Process Plant Design and Construct;
  • Navigation, Engines and Propulsion control specialist.
  • Ship Loaders;
  • Commissioning and Fault Finding;
  • Energy auditing; and
  • Drafting services in Auto Cad for Engineering EPCMs.


AES Knowledge 

Leading, managing and mentoring teams to maintain effective and competitive excellence in service, including performance management and training development;

  • Client liaison with RioTinto, Monadelphous, SKM and Bhp;
  • Ensuring budget/contingency/quote/estimate/price of EPCM projects;  
  • Empowering teamwork of engineer diffusing energy, commitment, and passion;
  • Making production super-profit to Steel Manufacturers; 
  • Establishing competitive advantages toward business competitors;
  • Making a larger margin from the existing overhead base;
  • Planning resources including prioritising and monitoring activities / achievements;
  • Ensuring all contract obligations are satisfied;
  • Overseeing development of competitive marketing strategies;
  • Producing tender documents and quotes;
  • Project costing and weekly progress report to the Directors; 
  • Reviewing schedules versus budgets;
  • Effective management and control of Subcontractors and Suppliers; 
  • Ensuring that all purchase orders are placed with approved suppliers;
  • Preparing expected project cost and implementing schedules;
  • Reviewing project performance and proposing outstanding Engineering solutions; and
  • Providing changes to the project scope in response to client requests.


AES Automation Background

  • Advanced energy savings programs using Motorola Embedded real time systems;
  • Liquid iron energy programs to reduce production time and energy savings;
  • CO2 calculations with Yokogawa Oxygen probes in totally safe preheated  tunnel ( 800ºC);
  • PLCs designing and programming experience in mining, heavy industry, water, oil and gas 

(Siemens, AB, Modicon, GE power and Schneider);

  • Scada design and implementation with Citect, FIX Intellution and Wonderware;
  • Remote Control Process design and optimization in mining, Liquid & Gas;
  • Supersonic Oxygen injection system (2.2 Mac speed of sounds);
  • Real time embedded Motorola VME system;
  • PDI multiple control loops with individual slopes;
  • Weighing systems for minerals and alloys;
  • Pyrometers systems up to 2300 degree Celsius; and
  • Water Cooling System with cupper injectors submerged into steel and slag level. 


AES Climate change achievements

Achieving chemical energy and combustion optimization through improved process control;

It results in significant reduction in overall EAF conversion costs, including lower kWh and other sources of energy (i.e. charge/injection carbon and natural gas). 

Through more effective and complete combustion of CO and H2, greater bag house safety is achieved as build-up of combustible gases can be monitored through automatic alerts. The net result of the EFSOP Holistic Optimization T is a dramatic and sustained improvement in EAF/BOF performance and increased productivity.

In South Africa AES has worked with the Canadian EFSOP Optimization T.

It is a superior off-gas based process control technology for energy optimization, offering

Consistent real time measurements for substantial real time savings. Furnace off-gas

composition is measured in real-time and used to optimize chemical energy and post-

Combustion under closed-loop control conditions. 


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