Electrical systems require constant attention, and maintenance is often literally a life saver, preventing serious incidents. Auriemma Electrical Services and its qualified Electricians can certify your electrical system in order to comply with Western Australian Electrical Requirements (WAER) from Energy Safety Division (Energy Safety) of the Department of Commerce.

The requirements are fundamental:

  • A comprehensive maintenance schedule and plan
  • Clear coverage of all safety issues in relation to installations, power and wiring
  • An appropriate and concise business reporting methodology
  • Full statutory compliance with regard to installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems

What needs doing to upgrade an electrical system?

We can assess the needs of refurbishment of any electrical system that need to comply with the Western Australian Electrical Requirements.

What scheduling plan do you think is appropriate for our business?

Scheduling of maintenance tasks is important to plan your expenditure. This is absolutely necessary, as well as best practice. Electrical systems must have regular checks, and parts replacement is very common on older systems.

Any questions you have, please ask AES, asking does not cost you anything and you will receive a clear and professional answer that comply with safety standards, best practice, and appropriate measures for dealing with system issues.

Avoiding the pitfalls

The most serious issues with maintenance contracts are that problems might come to light as a result of serious incidents. Electrical maintenance is also a critically important part of business operations. Faults, downtime and hazards can be very expensive issues. “Corner cutting” by maintenance contractors can be one of the primary causes. This is where AES make the difference between the real professionals and the very average electrical contractors.

AES will provide indications of adequate service under contract. Our Responsibility is identifying the faulty electrical systems that can kill people and destroy your businesses. As AES excel in Professional electrical maintenance, we are well aware of our obligations, and even minor issues are very rare.

AES conducts FREE independent audit of maintenance of your electrical systems. We are master electricians and preferred auditors, and we are fully qualified to assess quality standards. We have the knowledge base and experience to deal with most modern systems and know how to manage old electrical systems.

OUR MAINTENANCE PROGRAM can ensure safety, improve productivity, and eliminate downtime. It’s a good investment, by any standards.

When scheduling your next maintenance program, consider the benefits AES can provide your business using state of the art Thermal Imaging Technology.   This technology with multiple applications is fast becoming one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for used for Industrial, Commercial and Marine applications.

SEARCH OUT THE UNSEEN PROBLEMS                                                                       

Thermal Imaging will detect those anomalies that are usually invisible to the naked eye and potential problems are specifically identified before costly failures occur enabling corrective action to be implemented.

Whether it is an electrical or mechanical installation, both have a tendency to generate excessive heat before they fail. What AES technicians can do is locate hot spots using a thermal imaging camera. The camera generates a normal image and simultaneously generates a thermal image locating the hot spots that exist with pin point accuracy.


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