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The last 15 years have brought about some huge changes to workplace safety. As part of this change, improvements in the use of lighting on mine sites, refineries, oil and gas platforms have gone a long way to improving every day safety conditions for workers.

In this time the mandatory use of lighting in these industries has seen many thousands of lights incorporated into sites. As with all lighting, after a period of time, periodical maintenance must be done.  Whether it be to replace a globe or fittings these basic maintenance tasks can become very time consuming and ultimately expensive. In many cases having to arrange special permits, EWP’s or scaffolding equipment, most jobs would require a minimum of two persons per change out, all adding up to time and expense.


Having been involved in this type of lighting maintenance over a number of years, the team at AES has always strived to search out better and more cost effective solutions to streamline the above process for this inevitable maintenance. Throughout this process AES has partnered with a number of quality suppliers who service the lighting industry to achieve the following;

  • Innovative products.
  • Quality products.
  • Cost effective products.
  • From local suppliers who have a reliable and proven track record.

AES now have a number of world class products that it is authorised to supply and install for its valued clients. One such product which AES sells and installs, has now proven its worth over a number of years.

AES can supply a light pole system that can be retrofitted to most existing poles, with a minimum of effort, without the necessity of EWP’s and special permits, all of which can be done by one person, on average in about an hour. 

Changing out lights the conventional way can take 2 electricians between 5-16 man hours depending on the location of the light. The system AES uses takes away the degree of difficulty, the position and location of the light no longer dictates how long the process takes. “Sounds too good to be true?”


The AES solution solves your lighting maintenance and upgrade problems in one smart process. A mechanism is retrofitted to the pole at a safe working height which enables the light pole to be lowered using a smart system which enables the installer to pivot, rotate and direct the pole when being lowered for maintenance. The pole is lowered in the safest and most preferred direction. To fit there is no welding required and the fitting which has now been in use and proven for some 15 years, is durable and strong. Subsequent maintenance becomes so easy and cost effective.

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